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Greetings Outdoor Enthusiast!

I hope this finds you ALL in great health! My name is Anthony, I'm an avid hunter/angler. 
I would like to alert the fishing/outdoor world about a brand NEW fishing product! They are the world's smallest micro engineered fishing rods and reels. The NEW version of the Pen Rod is called the Pen Fishing Rod Extreme or the Goliath! These rods are now available to the general public just in time for the Holiday Season! There is no other item like it in the world! We are the original manufacturers of the Pen Fishing Rod and we decided to create a LIMITED EDITION series for the outdoor consumer.
 There will NOT be another Pen Fishing Rod created after these. This is the maximum size/specs available in the very compact 8" Pen Fishing Rod housing. Our new Goliath extends to a FULL 63" or 5' 3", as well as our new Extreme 57"or 4' 9" version blanks!! That's a 57" or 63" compared to the smaller version which is a mere 36 - 39". We had four brand NEW reels created exclusivley for our customers. We encourage you to go out and compare prices, as we are confident that we offer the best products and quality available anywhere on the internet! 
We have already been contacted by several outdoor retailers who wanted to retail our rods and reels. The answer to them was "NO". As always, please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions about our products. It is our dream and goal to place at least one Pen Fishing Rod Extreme or Goliath in each outdoor/fishing enthusiasts' hands across the nation. Come join the penfishingrods.com family! We would love to have you.
There is always contests and prizes awarded for the BIGGEST fish caught on film for that given year. If you create a video for us, we will sponsor it by posting it on our site. We are working on NEW videos for our site that will BLOW you away. We went out & captured more than our limit in rainbow trout & other species of fish on the Pen Fishing Rod
Our next video is going to be WILD!! We are going to show our customers how to battle & land fish from 6 - 10lbs with the new pen rod extreme We test ALL of our products ourselves & give them an unbiased evaluation. If you have a new product or prototype that you would like to send us for evaluation, feel free to do so. We will give it the same treatment we give our own products. You never know, YOUR product or invention may be featured in one of our next videos.
Please allow up to 48 hrs for a response due to volume of information being requested. We appreciate your patronage.
We are an American owned company!
Due to an abundance of "sample" requests we will not be able to comply with the demand. If you are interested in samples, a full overlay, pictures, and current info will be emailed directly to your company.

The Path of Lonliness
Faith begins in the wilderness - when you are alone and afraid, when things don't make sense ... in the wilderness of loneliness we are terribly vulnerable ... but we may be missing the fact that it is here ... here where we may learn to love Him - here where it seems He is not at work, where His will seems obscure dangerous or frightening, where He is not doing what we expected Him to do... If faith does not go to work here, it will not go to work at all.
God's answer is always: " trust me." :)
Dreams are what created America!

Greetings Dreamer,
You should always allow yourself to dream -- and dream BIG -- it's only through such thinking that great things happen. Don't limit yourself because you don't think your dream is attainable, you must start by believing you can truly achieve WHATEVER you set your mind to, no matter how big it might seem. NOT dreaming big enough is one of the biggest mistakes you can make -- if you can't see your dream, how do you expect others to????? Most people have great ideas to make their lives better. Whether it's a new product they want to invent, a web site they want to create, a new venture etc..
Some people are basically afraid to succeed. They are afraid to accept & maintain accomplishment. Unfortunately It is socially acceptable to them. It's the only life they know.
Sometimes we just need a push, a boost, or a kind word to help us on our way. Well, this is your wake up call. YOUR time to shine. It's not a sin to fall down in life, however, it IS a sin if you don't get up & wipe off your wounds, wipe off your frown, taste the blood & try again! Human beings are the most intelligent, wonderful, complex creatures ever to come from carbon. We operate extremely well under pressure, when we think we are beat down & at our worse, it is actually when we are at our best!
The saying that "God helps those, who help themselves" is very true. You cannot simply sit & wait for your dreams to come true. You must help a little. Take a few steps in the direction you would like to proceed & make an effort. The rest will fall into place. I am grown and have seen many things. The most prevalent thing I have come to know is to help yourself. Depending on how bad you want your dreams to come to fruition, is how hard you must work to achieve your dreams. Opportunity no longer knocks on our doors, sometime we must kick a few open!
ALWAYS shoot for the moon. If you miss, at least you'll be amongst the stars. Others may see you as never being happy, always complaining. The truth of the matter is, you're a perfectionist, you always want to get better results, You don't want to just survive, you want to SUCCEED!!! It's what keeps you trying to achieve higher goals and it will eventually lead you down the road to monumental success.
Now get the F~!@#$% out there & give them HELL!!!!!

When something is wrong with your back, you go to a chiropractor.
When something is wrong with your mind, you go here ~> positivepause.com
Watch this twice and send me an email in the morning! ;)

God Bless and Thanks in Advance,
Anthony Di Pippo President & CEO Penfishingrods.com
Manufacturer/Importer/Retailer/US Distributor
LIVE Support - Sales@penfishingrods.com on MSN!
or Penfishingrods on AOL!


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