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NEW 5' ft. 1" in. pen Fishing Rod Goliath™ MX 15 (A) Rear Drag Reel Combo!

Price: $43.99 ($43.99 incl. TAX)


The greatest backpacking, hiking and camping travel fishing rods & reels in the world. It's available with the very popular ultra light 3 ball bearing durable front drag spinning reel, a well crafted deep spool mini fly fishing reel, fish fighting rear drag & very durable bait caster reels that rival TOP name brands available. They operate great in summer and works surprisingly well in cold weather during ice fishing season. The stainless steel high capacity spool holds a variety of Monofilament, Fluorocarbon, Fly fishing, Multifilament line

The NEW Pen fishing Rod Extreme ultra light action rod is composed of high grade thin poly carbonate. Each tube has a small titanium ring which helps with stability & overall strength on the tips of each telescopic tube, right where it counts. The guides are crafted from titanium & fit over each tube like an insert. The tip of the rod is made from a solid piece of titanium oxide & the insert is comprised of aluminum oxide. The aluminum insert is PRESSED in at 110 lbs PSI to assure a solid seal. They are NOT glued in like the copy cat versions & cheaper rods. The aluminum insert allows for the reduction of friction & helps the line make a smooth transition through each titanium guide. It's GREAT when a fish takes the bait & runs. it won't fray the line or create friction & heat which will compromise the integrity of ANY fishing line you use. It is flexible, sturdy & very compact. All pen fishing rod sizes shown are approximate & may vary. READ WARRANTY

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